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The world doesn't stop at country borders... In fact: borders are increasingly disappearing. Working and studying abroad, travelling, meeting with international colleagues and, of course, using modern means of communication result in distance no longer playing a role in maintaining relationships. The Carolus Clusius College is an international school. This means that we prepare you for learning, living and working in an international environment. Exploring the world or learning at school: in both cases, this is about expanding boundaries, discovering new areas, acquiring more insight and gaining new knowledge. The Carolus Clusius College is a school that opens its doors to other influences, that is interested in other countries and builds bridges between different cultures. Carolus Clusius, after whom the school was named, serves as an example for us. We aim to be just as open-minded and enterprising as he was; travelling to gain and share knowledge, both near and far.

Our goal is to teach children to be independent and self-assured, so they can treat the world around them with respect. We translate these goals into our way of teaching and the way in which we interact. Our motto is: be open and dynamic.

First of all, we are clear about our identity. We are a protestant-Christian school where we treat each other with respect. We also have clear rules and agreements that make our school a safe place. Besides, we are always looking for new, modern and motivating ways of teaching. A recent example is the introduction of 20-80learning. Because our school is not only about learning, there is also ample attention for cultural activities and international contacts. 

At the CCC you will receive more than just a diploma. We will make you world-wise and prepare you for a future as a world citizen!

UNESCO and Global Citizen School
The CCC is a UNESCO school. This means that the school is part of a huge network of other UNESCO schools all over the world. In this network, four themes are central: peace and human rights, citizenship, intercultural learning and sustainability. Wherever possible, we link educational projects to special UNESCO and United Nations days or years.

We are also a Global Citizen School. In our lessons we always try to stress the international perspective. Besides, our people get enhanced education in foreign languages, knowledges about the European Union and the rest of the world. The school collaborates in exchanges and projects as much as possible. 

Dutch and bilingual education
At the CCC you take classes in Dutch or bilingual education. We offer this education on the following levels:

  • vmbo-tl (lower general vocational education)
  • havo (higher general secondary education)
  • atheneum (pre-university education)
  • international gymnasium Orfeo (grammar school)

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